Carly Poth

Hello!  I'm Carly.  Welcome to Carly's Party- a lifestyle concept blog with an emphasis on Food, Fitness, Design, & Travel.

Who is Carly

I am a wife, mama, and entrepreneur. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, California. I live in Downtown San Francisco with my amazing husband Luke and sweet baby Vivienne.

Mantra: Food Love Chocolate

Food is sexy. And it's in my blood. My grandmother was a chef in San Francisco and my grandfather owned a donut shop in San Francisco. Cooking and entertaining is my jam. The opportunities to create are endless. 

Love conquers all. Love saves the world. I'm one of those humans who LOVES life. I married a marvelous man, made a beautiful baby and live in my favorite city. What's not to love?

Chocolate is my vibe, my passion, my vice. I was a chocolatier in a previous life- 2006-2010.  I created award winning luxury chocolates. My company was called Cosmic Chocolate. It was one of the best periods of my life.

Background, please!

My formal training is in interior design and architecture.

Interior design was fun and cerebral. As a designer, I learned how to conceptualize, create, and understand a deep visceral connection.  Ultimately, I am an entrepreneur at heart and an am excited to share my passions.

I've dabbled here and there and everywhere

-2003-2006 Interior designer

-2006-2010 Cosmic Chocolate- founder and head chocolatier

A chocolate company based in Oakland California, featured on the Today Show as Best Chocolate 2006. We were known for our cosmic bombs- cocktail flavored truffles

-2012   Southern Season- Vice President of Marketing

A specialty food and gift store located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

-2013   Carly V- founder

Hand crafted luxury bath and beauty products

-2014   Discodonut- founder

A 5k running race with disco music and donuts

-2015   Mama- Ms. Vivienne was born in spring 2015

A few fun insights

Person that inspires you the most: my mom

Person who always makes you laugh: my dad

The perfect snack: avocado toast with smoked salmon or chocolate

Favorite place to travel: Hello, Paris! See you soon, New York! ITALY... I hear you...

Favorite sound: 3- my daughter's voice, my husband laughing, and champagne popping!

Pet peeve: mean people

Dream vacation: a trip around the world, of course! Honestly, any place warm on the water with my husband, Luke.

Biggest physical challenge: swimming Alcatraz. I made it!

Life goal: live and dance until I am 100- centenarian status!

Disclaimer: typos and grammatical errors. I think fast. I move fast. I type fast. My time is limited and my focus is on creating content. 

Thank you for reading!

Oxx (one big hug, two air kisses)