Do ever just need to eat a burger? A few weeks back I was craving a burger. All day long I had burgers on the brain. I wanted a thick and juicy patty sandwiched between a large and fluffy bun. It’s rare that I eat a beef burger. About once a week or so we make turkey burgers; they are quick, healthy and good.  On this occasion however, turkey wasn’t cutting it.

I swooped Vivienne and headed out to purchase some beef. On my way to the butcher I stopped at Sur La Table and marveled at an endcap promoting lemon themed cookware and utensils. Inspiration struck! Lamb.

I love lamb and often cook lamb chops or a rack of lamb for special occasion dinners. I had never made lamb burgers before. You’re probably wondering…lemons…lamb? I don’t see the connection.

Let me explain. I had a beautiful artisanal lemon jam sitting in my refrigerator that I was dying to try but hadn’t found the appropriate platform for. Lemon and lamb pair well together. I envisioned a lamb burger with lemon jam smeared on the bottom bun. I would adorn the top of the patty with tomato, tzatziki sauce, feta cheese and arugula. Yum.

I rushed to the butcher, purchased a pound of lamb, hurried home, and got to work.  As we sat down to dinner, I paused. Would this creation taste as good as I had imagined? I let Luke lead. Judging from his expression, the recipe was a winner. I took a bite. Juice from the lamb trickled down my hands. The flavors of the seasoned meat and accoutrements were a match made in heaven. I let out a groan, and smiled. Craving conquered. I know what I’m eating this Memorial Day. Happy Cooking!

1 lb ground lamb
1/3 c chopped white onion
2 cloves garlic chopped
2 tb mint
¼ ts ground coriander
¼ ts ground cumin
¼ ts salt
¼ ts pepper

Toasted buns
Dijon mustard
Tzatziki sauce
*Meyer lemon jam (sold online at specialty markets)
Feta cheese

-Combine the lamb and remaining 7 ingredients into a bowl
-Shape into 3 patties
-Salt and pepper patties
-Cook 6-7 min per side
-Toast buns
-Assemble burgers
*Can omit lemon jam. Luke doesn't like lemon. He loved the burger without it.

Oxx, (one BIG hug, two air kisses)