A few weeks ago on a glorious Saturday morning I was walking through our Farmers Market when I spied this season’s first corn crop. I was elated. So many recipes came to mind; corn chowder, corn risotto, salsa, grilled corn with cilantro butter, etc. I picked up four ears and continued perusing the market.

The next day I was heading to a Memorial Day BBQ with my mom’s group and all of our babies. I had intended on making and bringing deviled eggs and a kale salad. However, when I opened the fridge I realized I was out of eggs. Who runs out of eggs?! Vivienne was napping so I couldn’t run down to the store. What to do? Borrowing an egg, or two, from a neighbor is completely acceptable, but a whole dozen? I think not!  As I looked around the kitchen I spotted the corn from the market lying in a basket next to a few sweet potatoes. My mind quickly flashed back to Santa Fe, two years ago.

In the summer of 2014, Luke and I had embarked on an epic cross-country journey to move from Durham, NC, to San Francisco, CA. We crisscrossed our way to the West Coast in order to see all of the desired cities on our list. Santa Fe was the second to last destination we visited before arriving in California.

I was particularly excited to visit Santa Fe. The Georgia O’Keeffe museum is located in central Santa Fe and I couldn’t wait to gaze upon her vibrant and sensual paintings of flowers and landscapes. I have been a huge fan of Georgia O’Keeffe since I was a child and my mom had one of her flower prints hanging in our living room.

Aside from the art in Santa Fe, we were amazed at the eclectic and progressive food scene. Each meal presented an array of flavors. Most notably was the Southwestern cuisine, which contained a variety of chilies and spices.

Gazing at the corn and sweet potatoes, I decided to create a colorful salad inspired by our trip to Santa Fe. I had ancho and chipotle chili powder on hand, however you can find both at a Hispanic grocery store or online on amazon. Happy Cooking!

1 can black beans
1 large sweet potato or 2 small
1 avocado
1 red bell pepper
1 cup of corn (about 1 ½ ears)
½ c cilantro
6 green onions
½ ts ancho chili powder
½ ts chipotle chili powder

Zest from one lime
Juice from ½ lime
¼ ts ground cumin
¼ ts ancho chili powder
1 clove garlic, chopped
1/3 c olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

-Preheat oven to 400 degrees
-Peel and cut sweet potato into 1” cubes
-Line cookie sheet with foil or parchment paper
-Place sweet potatoes on foil and spray with non-stick spray
-Toss sweet potatoes with ancho chili powder, salt and pepper
-Roast for 40 min
-Cook corn in boiling water for 20 min or until done
-Slice corn off of husk
-Dice avocado
-Dice red bell pepper
-Dice cilantro
-Dice green onion
-Strain and rinse black beans
-Combine all of the salad ingredients in a medium bowl
-Combine the first five vinaigrette ingredients in a small bowl
-Add the oil to the vinaigrette in a slow steady stream, whisk constantly
-Season vinaigrette with salt and pepper
-Dress salad with vinaigrette