Are you a morning glory or a night owl? I’ve always been a morning person. At the crack of dawn I would wake up and feel energized. I was that annoying friend who would call at 6 am, “Hello! Ready to swim? Let’s play!” Studies indicate that morning people are happier. Perhaps.  I’ve always been pretty happy.

Through the years I’ve remained a morning person and it has served me well. While many people were sleeping, I was at the gym or out for a run. By 10 am I had often completed several items on my to-do list and would feel pretty accomplished for the day. And then I had a baby. Having a baby turned my world upside down, literally. And for once, rather than spring out of bed at 6 am, I would wake up and feel loopy. Ha ha. Okay, not loopy. But certainly not chipper.

Happiness? Hello? Where are you?

Dissatisfied with this current sluggish state, and eager to return to the energized ‘morning’ person I once was, I started making smoothies first thing in the am. What a difference. I am once again ALIVE and WELL at daybreak! I’m on a fruit and veggie high and it feels GOOD!

There are added benefits as well. I aim to consume at least 5 servings of fruits/vegetables per day. Depending upon the size of my glass, I may knock out 2-3 servings at breakfast. Drinking a smoothie in the morning also provides lasting energy. I rarely need nor care for a cup of coffee or cappuccino until a few hours later.  These smoothies are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. Drink one a day and you will glow! Happy Sipping!

Tropical Sunrise

1 fuji apple cored and sliced
1 orange peeled and segmented
 c frozen pineapple
½ c frozen mango
½ c almond milk
1 tb flax seeds

-Combine, blend and enjoy!

Cherry Chocolate Chia

1 ½ c pitted cherries
¾  c almond milk
1 tb cocoa powder
1 tb chia seeds
½ ts cinnamon
½ ts honey
4-5 ice cubes

-Combine, blend and enjoy!

Green Power

1 c spinach
½ fuji apple
½ avocado
½ banana
4-5 mint leaves
4-5 ice cubes
½ water

-Combine, blend and enjoy!

Oxx (one BIG hug, two air kisses)